Network Design and Engineering

At Glow Networks, we begin network design by thoroughly evaluating your business’ specific needs and preferences. We craft a secure, tailor-made network that combines optimal hardware and design solutions, all within your budget constraints. Our engineering team works with discretion, with minimal impact on your daily operations. Recognizing the variety of functions your organization demands from its network, we have invested in advanced design and engineering tools, platforms, and subject matter experts to meet customer requirements in the following areas:

Mobility Core Networks (5G, p5G)

Mobility core networks provide uninterrupted connectivity across diverse technologies like 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, and beyond. Designed for high-speed data, low latency, and consistent connectivity, they support a wide spectrum of mobile services. With scalability and flexibility, these networks enable efficient resource use through network slicing. Glow’s experts and engineers offer comprehensive packet core services to leading OEMs, encompassing the full spectrum of packet core technology. Our engineers specialize in NFVI integration, Kubernetes, cloud modeling, and cloud management. Additionally, Glow’s SMEs possess extensive experience in policy design for PCRF, rule validation, MOP development and testing, and PCRF software deployment.

IMS Networks

The IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) is a standards-based framework for delivering multimedia communications like voice, video, and text messaging over IP networks. IMS Networks offer a robust, standardized solution for multimedia services over IP, emphasizing convergence, scalability, flexibility, engineering documentation, quality of service, and reliability. These networks enable operators to deliver a wide array of multimedia services. Glow’s team is skilled in IMS Networks and the NetGuard Suite, also overseeing the security of these networks. We continue to offer professional services in IMS/VoIP Configurable Parameter Customization, covering areas like call telephony servers, signaling continuity gateways, VoLTE, VoIP protocols, and IP session controllers.

Routing and Switching

Switching refers to the process of transferring data packets between hosts within a Local Area Network (LAN), while routing is the transfer of data across multiple LANs. These processes are crucial for establishing network connectivity, efficiently routing data packets across different network segments. Routers identify the best paths for data transmission between networks, and switches manage data transfer within a LAN. At Glow, we manage large-scale router integration and migration projects comprehensively, encompassing everything from CQ creation and configuration script development to LLD/HLD MOP review, configuration testing, and router activation. Our team has consistently met all KPIs and SLAs, guaranteeing zero network outages in our projects.

Data Center Architecture

Data center architecture involves designing a robust and scalable network infrastructure within data centers, linking components like servers, storage systems, and networking devices. It includes network segmentation, routing protocols, load balancing, and security protocols to guarantee efficient and secure data flow. Additionally, it involves disaster recovery planning to guarantee business continuity in emergencies or system failures. Precise and current documentation is vital for troubleshooting, maintenance, capacity planning, and future expansions or upgrades. At Glow, we recognize the importance of network architecture planning, storage and compute management, disaster recovery strategies, compliance, and documentation in data center architecture.

Cloud Architecture, Cloud Strategies

A robust cloud architecture and strategy enable astute business leaders to swiftly respond to opportunities and proactively address competitive challenges. Glow Networks assists organizations in capitalizing on opportunities before their competitors. We have successfully provided cloud architecture and strategy services for cloud migration, including the completion of high-level design, for numerous clients. Our services include planning the cloud network architecture, encompassing hardware and virtual resources, necessary software, and virtual network systems with a focus on scalability and availability. Glow Networks is poised to help your organization develop a cloud strategy built on a strong architecture, tailored to optimize business outcomes such as speed, resilience, agility, and quality.

Optical Networks

These are data communication networks constructed using optical fiber technology, where optical fiber cables serve as the main medium to convert and transmit data as light pulses between sending and receiving nodes. Glow’s engineers are adept at producing network implementation and migration plans, configuring equipment and services, and testing and supporting networks at various deployment stages. They also develop network management strategies, collaborate with internal technical teams for product placement and feature enhancement to guarantee reliability, availability, and serviceability. Additionally, they conduct network readiness and customer readiness tests. Key considerations include selecting appropriate network topology, equipment, scalability, configuration, capacity planning, redundancy planning, and designing security requirements.

RAN, cRAN, vRAN Services

Glow’s engineers offer comprehensive services in RAN commissioning and support, including RAN assistance, product integration, introduction of new features, development of methods of procedure (MOPs), and support for testing and demonstrating compatibility with third-party products. Our subject matter experts (SMEs) are involved in testing, verifying fixes on software patches, and act as a single point of contact for supplier issues on supported products, advocating for customers to guarantee prompt resolution of technical problems. They assist clients based on their preferred RAN/cRAN/vRAN implementation, taking into account factors such as network topology, capacity and coverage, backhaul and fronthaul, virtualization, security, and interoperability to design networks that are efficient, reliable, and secure.

RF Services for 5G, p5G, WiFi 6, pLTE, 4G

At Glow Networks, we are committed to providing a comprehensive and advanced suite of solutions tailored to the dynamic requirements of modern communication technologies. Specializing in 5G, p5G, WiFi 6, pLTE, and 4G, our team of expert RF engineers focuses on delivering exceptional network performance, seamless coverage, and unmatched capacity. We provide thorough planning and implementation services for 5G deployments, leveraging the transformative capabilities of this cutting-edge technology. Beyond 5G, our proficiency extends to the increasingly vital realms of p5G and WiFi 6, as well as pLTE and 4G, making sure that businesses of various sizes can depend on Glow Networks for their varied connectivity needs.

Fiber Characterization

This process involves evaluating and analyzing the attributes of optical fibers used in telecommunications, data transmission, and other applications. Fiber network characterization is crucial for the efficient and reliable operation of fiber optic networks. It encompasses the measurement and analysis of optical power, return loss, dispersion, and wavelength. Fiber characterization assesses the performance capabilities of the optical fiber, including its data carrying capacity, bandwidth, and transmission speed. This process makes sure that the fibers adhere to the necessary industry standards and specifications. Glow Networks has a team skilled in fiber characterization, having conducted such measurements in various locations, including Canada and California.

Lab Validation and Testing for Emerging Technologies and Evolutions

Embracing new and innovative solutions rapidly can significantly enhance network performance and open new avenues for profitability. Glow collaborates with your organization to integrate top-tier hardware and software, enabling scalable services at minimal costs. This approach allows for swift introduction of novel solutions and services to the market. Our extensive lab testing, engineering assessments, performance evaluations, and optimization processes constitute essential validation steps. These make sure that emerging technologies and components from various vendors integrate seamlessly and operate efficiently. Glow offers a dedicated lab space for simulating real-life events in controlled environments. This facilitates the identification and resolution of potential issues, guaranteeing interoperability and validating high-quality solutions that align with your organization’s standards and are among the best in their class.

Resident Engineers for SME Level Support

Glow plays an integral part in making sure that SMEs have robust and secure IT systems to bolster their business operations. Our involvement spans various disciplines, including Design, Integration, Field Installation, Operations, and Construction Project Management across RAN, Lab Testing, and Optical Networks. All our resident engineers are highly qualified and possess the necessary certifications as required by our clients. We offer resident engineering support in a multitude of areas: RAN Integration and Commissioning, FFA/FFV Software Upgrades, Lab Support Engineering, Optical Engineering and Design Support, RF Design and Optimization, LTE Design and Engineering, LTE/CDMA/EVDO RF Performance Management No Harm Analysis, Construction Administration Services, Logistics Management & Document Control, and Construction Administration Management. This comprehensive support guarantees effective and efficient implementation and maintenance of critical systems for SMEs.

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