Getting the right candidate

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the future of work. In the blink of an eye, it proved that a remote infrastructure was viable on a massive scale as office buildings around the globe went dark and employees were forced to work from home. And for talent acquisition professionals, this means developing effective remote workforce hiring strategies.

In 2020, talent acquisition professionals rapidly shifted to online platforms to hire job candidates remotely. But with 74% of organizations planning to make remote work permanent, HR leaders need to shore up remote hiring capabilities. While the HR technology market was a slow-moving corporate tech space just a decade ago, it is now an estimated $250 billion market, filled with cloud solutions designed to meet the needs of today’s distributed workforce. Talent acquisition leaders should focus on what matters most: platforms that improve hiring efficiencies and seamlessly integrate with existing HR solutions.

AI and branding

AI now has a much deeper role in finding the right talent in the vast network. As many as 52 percent of HR professionals say that one of the toughest parts of talent acquisition lies in identifying the right candidates from a pool of a large number of candidates. HR professionals need to prioritize all of the different roles they are responsible for and need a way to differentiate among candidates competing for the same role.

AI can be used to predict how long a job occupation will take to fill based on historical data, allowing recruiters to reprioritize as necessary. HR professionals can also use AI to determine the match between a candidate’s resume and the job occupation and make predictions of future performance based on information concerning the candidate collected in the job application process.

Employer branding is now an indispensable ingredient, not just for recruitment marketing but also for effective organizational leadership. Talent acquisition managers aiming to hire top-caliber candidates will have to differentiate themselves from their competition by positioning their organization as a digital leader and creating a strong employer brand identity.

A digital employer brand will attract talented millennials and Generation Z as well as the generations preceding and succeeding them, while also helping the HR team manage a multi-generational workforce. A LinkedIn survey found that 75% of applicants now consider the employer’s brand before applying for a job. Today, according to the survey, 72% of recruiting professionals around the globe strongly believe that employer branding has a powerful impact on hiring and an even more profound influence on their business’s success.

Showcasing your employer brand via social platforms is important to attract top candidates. If you don’t prominently display the attributes that make your company a great place to work, you may have a hard time recruiting the cream of the crop. More than half of candidates claim to use social media to research the companies that they’re interested in working for. Needless to say, this explains how crucial it is to tell your own unique story, strengthen your brand identity and promote your company culture using social media channels.

Job seekers are most likely to peruse company reviews and ratings when deciding where to apply for a job, and this is where career sites step in. They allow employers to create their personal profiles and share their employee value proposition, thus keeping candidates from filling in the blanks for themselves. These sites also give you the opportunity to get candidates enthused to work for your company by sharing the latest information on product releases, company milestones, community service, etc.

The role of Glow

We seek the most highly qualified candidates available, because our customers demand very specific skills via subject matter experts. Technical qualifications include MSCS or something similar, besides 5 to 10 years of telecommunications industry experience. The technical expertise required will vary as per the particular expertise needed for any given job.

We follow a rigorous screening procedure which includes intake calls to make sure the recruiter understands the requirement from the hiring manager. We also make sure the candidate being considered is a good match for the client’s specific requirements. We have a reputation with our key customers for delivering highly qualified, high value candidates, and this gives us an edge compared to our competitors.

Ultimately, it’s customer satisfaction that counts; we look at all aspects of a candidate being considered for a particular job and this transcends just technical qualifications to include a candidate’s character and attitude to work. This guarantees happy clients and happy employees!

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