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Telecommunications Engineering is centered on electrical and computer engineering which seeks to support and enhance telecommunication systems. The work ranges from basic circuit design to strategic mass developments. Telecom businesses globally are in an evolution phase from 3G mobile networks to 4G/5G mobile networks, but at the same time, these enterprises are experiencing tough times as revenues continue to dwindle.

Communications Service Providers are facing a myriad of challenges to their traditional business models such as changing customer expectations, low business barrier for new entrants, QoS guarantees mandated in regulations, continuous evolution of network technologies, continuous merger/acquisitions leading to more systems in silo, need for flexible product plans and their immediate rollout, data security requirements, omnichannel challenges, competition from cable and SDN players, 5G Network Solutions, 5G Communication Services, 5G Network Services, Next-generation 5G Technology Services and Move from 4G to 5G Services with rapid commoditization of basic carrier service etc.

Transformation of telecommunication companies seems like a tall order with the need for next-gen BSS/OSS, advanced platforms and tools, regulatory mandates such as wholesale/retail splits requiring organizational and operational level transformations within tight timelines, and multi-touch customer relationships.

Glow has been supporting Service Providers and Original Equipment Manufacturers for more than 2 decades in the areas of wireless and optical networking solutions and services in North America and APAC. Glow’s key service offerings include network design, field support, installation and integration, remote integration and validation services.

Glow has developed deep, long-term relationships with key customers by providing superior quality, and strategically valuable network services offerings. Glow has developed an intimate understanding of its customers’ technologies and technical requirements, earning preferred vendor status with many OEMs. Glow is uniquely positioned to support Service Providers in Legacy and state-of-the-art networks. Our engineers have experience working on the IMS platforms to the Legacy Core network switches like 5ESS, DMS10, etc. Our ability to seamlessly support multiple technologies/multiple OEM product lines has enabled us to be a very versatile player in network services.

Glow’s Telecom Network Transformation Services portfolio offers a holistic framework for managing and transforming the telecom business as per strategic priorities. Our expertise enables us to work with telecom companies that look to address the biggest challenges and opportunities of this ever-evolving industry. We help you keep up with the changing demands of your customers and technology or regulatory compliances. Whether your goal is to revitalize your business model or increase your market share, we help you be at the forefront of change by leveraging our expertise in telecom consulting services.

Some of the key innovations that have taken place in the telecom industry in recent years include eliminating the digital divide and delivering cost-effective wireless internet and mobile phone service besides leveraging satellite network capacity for high bandwidth communication access while on the go. We drive the telecommunications revolution with innovation services. Our goal is to quickly deliver new services to market. We help our global clientele address the challenges of the industry and adapt to the dynamic market with service innovation for telecommunications.

It is important to contain the cost by optimizing operations to stay competitive. We help to optimize, simplify, and grow to stay competitive in the market. We optimize operations to drive a radical simplification of our clients’ network operations and help them realize their growth plans. We help communication service providers optimize their efficiency and service delivery at lower costs.

We are focused on the ‘beyond connectivity’ principle in delivering end-to-end telecom engineering services. Our telecommunication experts specialize in devising smart strategies for top-tier telecom companies. We’re committed to change the trajectory of telecom businesses with key differentiators by:

* Simplifying the telecom business’ complexities, which often leads to positive leaps in tangible financial results

* Improving organizational effectiveness that gives a competitive edge

* Leveraging our optimization approach to deliver required services, to delight customers and to operate smarter

* Driving cross-functional initiatives to transform a telecom business’ operational and strategic directions to produce the best financial outcomes

* Leveraging telecom engineering consulting services, telecom equipment support services, and telecom infrastructure equipment support in the telecom industry

Glow Networks leveraged its established reputation, technical competencies, and customer relationships to achieve strong growth during the 4G wave, and is now well positioned to realize significant growth in the 5G rollout as well.

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